Dual Degree Program

The Program starts every spring and fall semester. The 6- year dual degree program practices a double-semester system. The academic year starts in October and consists of two semesters.The fall semester lasts from october to the end of january, and the spring semester from february to the end of june. Application deadline: August 30th, January 30th

Qualification: High School Diploma or equivalent, GPA 3.0 or above with a minimum score of IELTS 6.0 TOEFEL 87 or TOEIC 700

Admission Test: 60-question written test, (biology x25, chemistry x 20, physics x 15) and 20 question of oral examination (biology, chemestry and physics.)

Advantages of the Dual Degree Program

  1. 1. Obtain medical license with MD/DDS degree from Wenzhou Medical University in China, the best way to enter Greater Chinese market
  2. 2. Graduating from the English programe of Medical University of Lublin can take the English Medical licensing examination in Poland.
  3. 3. Polish Medical license is recognized by other UE countries with required language certifications.
  4. 4. Graduates are able to take medical licesing examinations in the United States, Canada,New Zealand, Austrailia, Japan and Thailand.
  5. 5. Over 80% medical license exame passing rate of the graduates from both medical schools.

The dual program has been cooperating with the Hope Medical Institute permanentaly, Our student can take the USMLE in MUL. After passing the step 1 of USMLE, the students will be able to apply the internships of the following associated hospitals in the United States and Canada:

  1. Wyckoff Heights Medical Center (New York)
  2. St John's Episcopal Hospital (New York)
  3. Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center (New York)
  4. Kaleida Health System (New York)
  5. Interfaith Medical Center (New York)
  6. Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center (New York)
  7. LaGrange Memorial Hospital (Illions)
  8. Weiss Memorial Hospital (Illions)
  9. Adventist Hinsdale Hospital (Illions)
  10. Brentwood Hospital (Louisiana)
  11. Riginal General Hospital (Canada)

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