MCI Exam Coaching Course

This is the most important step to be taken by the students who decide to pursue MD/DDS Abroad. Just attending the crash course after returning back and solving the MCI screening test papers of the past years is definitely not enough to pass this difficult test. The requirement is to constantly keep in touch with the 19 subjects as you progress your learning journey while you are away in another country pursuing MD/DDS degree program. Accordingly, for all the students of Lins International Consultancy, we have prepared an on-line coaching of MCI Screening Test conducted by the best of the doctor professors from India. This package also includes subject by subject Mock Tests based on more than 20,000 FMGE question bank created which can be taken up starting from 1st year of MD/DDS itself. The students can check themselves as they progress over studies and test themselves for a particular subject constantly throughout the 6 years. During your last year you would be constantly solving the FMGE question papers of the past years. Lins International Consultancy tracks the performance of each of the students for every subject and pushes the students to achieve minimum 60% in the FMGE mock test based on MCI screening test sample papers participated by the student. Once the student achieves 60% in every subject, he or she has entered the safe zone! However, this is not an end. One must strive to get consistently 60% and improve to enhance their chances further. In case the student is not fully prepared at this level in the 6 years, probably, it is time to take up a crash course (also provided by LINS INTERNATIONAL Consultancy) on returning from your course for MD/DDS abroad. Suddenly, you have prepared for 6 years and not just 6 months as is the case normally!

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