Germany Licence

For those graduates who did not obtain their graduation certificate,medical certificate or license in the European Union,they are required to take an assessment test,which determines the graduate's clinical practice ability.The test will be in German with a duration of 60 to 90 minutes;each examinee has up to 2 chances to take the test in their lifetime.The graduates will than have to undertaken a 3-step Application test;the first test covers anatomy,biochemistry and physiology,and is examined in both written and oral test,the second test requires the candidate to pass the first test,the test include case analusis which is tested in written language;the last step which require the candidate to have passed the first 2 stages,and tests comprises of clinical practice skill. Carl Duisberg is an organization which assists the graduates to obtain their German medical licence,as well as intensive German language cource(CEFR C1 level) for 16 weeks;this is then followed by a clinical Observership,which is then followed by the National medical exam preparation(Approbation test).

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