Japan Licence

In order to obtain a Japanese Medicial License as a foreign medical graduate,it is normally requied to first obtain the licence for the country of qualification obtained prior to the national preparatory exam,followed by an adaptive training.Asthe graduate become eligible and pass the national medical examination,they will complete a 2 year PGY in order to obtain the Japanese medical license.LIEMG is cooperating with LinkStaff,which provides the following service.

  1. 1. Help to arrange Japanese courses and obtain N2 JPL in Taiwan and Japan.

  2. 2. Help the the document authentication for application.

  3. 3. Assist physicians to complete and send the required documentation for the Ministry of Health,Labour and Welfare,as well as making relevant travelling and health check arrangements.

  4. 4. Help apply for preparatory schools for national exam.

  5. 5. Assist with internship/clerkship placement arrangements in Japanese hospitals.

  6. 6. Assist with post-exam career service and visa application.

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