Medical University Of Lublin

The history of the Medical University of Lublin goes back to 1944 when the Faculty of Medicine was included as part of the newly founded Maria Curie-Skłodowska University. In 1950 the Faculty separated from MCSU to form the independent Medical Academy. Throughout the years, new areas of research and education,

such as nursing, pharmacy, or dentistry, were added. In 2001 the English Language Division was founded which has been offering education in Medicine in the English language to students from all over the world. In 2008 Medical Academy transformed into a university, assuming the name of the Medical University of Lublin.

The Main Library and the network of departmental libraries contain about 400,000 books, Perodicals and Scientific Magazines.

Medical University of Lublin provides the following study programs for English speaking student from Asia:
  • 1. 5-year Dentistry Program for High School Graduates.
  • 2. 6-year program in Medicine for High School Graduates.
  • 3. 4-year program in Medicine for College Graduates. with pre-medical majors or students with 3-years of college or university completed with 90total number of credits.
  • 4. Generally, new application can be approved for the 4 year program of Medicine only if they have completed the following courses before:
  • 5. Chemistry General (including labs) 1 year of study.
  • 6. Organic General (including labs) 1 year of study.
  • 7. Biology General (including labs) 1 year of study.
  • 8. Physics General (including labs) 1 year of study.

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