Medical University Of Lublin

MUL was established in 1944, and developed Dental program in 1973. The Medical University of Lublin employees 1619 full-Time employees (including administration and services) and 25 part-time employees, including 156 Professors and assistant Professors. Teaching Staff of the Faculty of medicine includes 65 Professors. 63 associate Professors and 472 assistant Professors working in 81 departments. The University is governed by a Rector and Senate, each Faculty by a dean and Faculty Council.

Many Professors representing their faculty councils are renowned personalities in the field of medicine in Poland (They are members of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Polish Academy Skills, Preside over editorial staff of Scientific magazines and boards of scientific societies) and in many European countries. The staff of the Faculty is skilled in teaching students in English according to the Strictest rules of American curriculum. Many of our academic teachers were employed at medical centers across Europe and the United States and they continue to cooperate with many European and American Medical organizations such as CDC, NIH and many more

Four Professors of the Medical University of Lublin were conferred the degrees of doctor honoris causa by other university.

Rector,deans and vice-deans of individual departments hold more than one scientific degree in a specific area of medicine and in related Sciences. Many heads of university hospitals and departments hold a professor's title and a scientific degree of an assistant professor. Polish legal regulations grant greater or lesser autonomy to universities meeting certain conditions. Therefor, university's structure, teaching and personnel policiesare relatively flexible and can be adapted depending on university's needs. Similarly, individual department enjoy considerable autonomy, election of deans to begin with, through free management of allocated finances.

Medical University Of Lublin Fee Structure

Year Tuition(EURO) Tuition(INR)
1st Year € 10,800 8,53,757.82
2nd Year € 12,800 10,11,861.12
3rd Year € 12,800 10.11,861.12
4rth Year € 12,800 10,11,861.12
5th Year € 13,800 10,90,912.77
6th Year € 14,800 11,69,964.42
Total € 77,800(EURO) 61,50,218.37(INR)

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