Wroclaw Medical University

The history of Wroclaw Medical University dates back to 1811, when the Prussian king Frederik Wilhelm II ordered to relocate the Viadrina University in Frankfurt to Wroclaw. Its new rector, professor and doctor Karl August Wilhelm Bereds, was also named the first Dean of the Medical Faculty on the University of Wroclaw. The faculty had five cathedrals: anatomy, physiology, internal medicine, obstetrics and surgery. Thanks to the quality of didactics and its renowned professors, the Medical Faculty of The University Of Wroclaw quickly established itself as a renowned European medical school.
During World War II Wroclaw suffered severe damages - 75% of the city was destroyed. Amongst the remaining buildings were the university clinical buildings near the Odra river, which later became the Wroclaw Medical Universities campus. The new Medical Faculty of the joint University of Wroclaw and Wroclaw Technical University was brought to life in 1945 and professor Ludwik Hirszfeld became its first dean. In 1949 the Medical Faculty gained independence from other Universities and became the Wroclaw Medical Academy, which at first offered studies at the Faculty of Medicine with the Stomatology and Pharmacy divisions (in 1950 the Pharmacy Division became the Faculty of Pharmacy) and the Physical Education Study. The first rector of the Academy was prof. Sigmund Albert and prof. Tadeusz Marciniak became the first dean of the Medical Faculty.

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